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Welcome to our counseling office.  

Lighthouse Counseling Center is the private practice of Mark A. Cain, LCSW.   

Our office provides a full range of mental health services for individuals, couples, & families. 

We also provide referrals for inpatient treatment when necessary.

We look forward to being of assistance to you and your family.


Adolescents & Children

We will collaborate with your pediatrician to treat your child and to equip you with parenting strategies for  dealing with  ADHD  and/or other childhood behavioral disorders.


Marriage Counseling

We will work with you and your spouse, both individually and as a couple, to assist you with navigating the frequent storms encountered in marital relationships.


Anxiety and Depression

We will assist you to uncover the sources of your overwhelming anxiety and/or debilitating depression, as well as help you to develop good preventative mental hygiene habits.

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Most private insurance plans accepted.  We also accept HSA cards, Visa, Mastercard, cash, personal checks, and money orders for payment of co-pays and/or insurance deductibles.

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